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Model pro 31years at Paris -  Paris -  

Radmila model nude and fashion, designer

In Paris in the beginning of September 2021. Write me! (Can also travel to other cities).

My lingerie shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/saty...
We can use almost everything here for the shooting or u can order from me :)

My insta: @radmila.model.new

Published in:
Kansha Magazine May 2019
The Real life Magazine, issue 5, july 2021

Appearance: All natural, very light skin, no tattoos, no piercing, no sun marks, no visible scars or big moles. Pubic hair as a wide stripe, and i prefer to keep it that way.
If u need to see my snapshots (selfies) - they are on my website rada-mila (dot) com. My full portfolio is on the same website.
I usually make light make-up myself, but if u need something complicated or bright - we may need a make-up artist.

Wardrobe . I have several lingerie sets, different clothes. If needed I can send u pictures of some items suitable for your idea.
I make bodyharness-lingerie myself, which we can use for a shoot.

Skills. I go to gym, have several years of yoga experience and learning pole dance last 2 years. So I'm quite flexible and fit, but have my limits. If u need complicated poses - please send me examples or ask what I can. I can express different emotions quite easily if required for concept. I can pose myself and can follow your ideas as well.

Booking info.
Paid work in priority. I don't shoot porno or open legs.
Currently I m interested in developing my work in directions: fashion, fashion-nude, emotional or humorous concepts, poledance, maybe video. And of course I m happy to shoot art-nude, portraits and everything u can see in my portfolio. 
I may ask u to give contacts of models who already made shootings with u if I don't see references.
Please no touching during the shooting (no massage or putting oil on me, I can do it myself). 

The best is to write your full offer and conditions in the first message.

U can also write me to radmila.photo@gmail.com

Looking forward to working with you!

Sex :


Height :


Weight :

59 lbs

Shoe :


Bust :


Waist :

65 cm

Hips :

93 cm

Eye Colour :


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